"Our Autobox Boxmaker has only cost us only €400 in spare parts since 2013, despite three years of intense daily use. It has been highly satisfactory"
​Guillaume Dupin, P.D.G.

Kolbus AutoBox: Box Making Machines

Kolbus AutoBox have led the way in box making machinery for decades. We are specialists in short-run box making, with machines such as the Autobox and Boxer giving box plants, distributors and businesses of all sizes ultimate control over their packaging. Quick to set up, easy to operate and producing over 100 variations of custom cardboard boxes, our machinery is top of the range. As a box plant, they allow you to meet the specific demands of your customers no matter their unique requirements. As an end-user, you don’t have to rely on third parties or settle for boxes that don’t quite meet your requirements; create custom boxes that fit and work perfectly for you.

Discover our machines: view the video below to see them in action.
Box Plant
Box Plant
Get quicker, more efficient medium to shortrun box making on over 100 box styles with tool less, 60 second up...
Box Distributors
Box Distributors
Offer a better service to your customers with rapid delivery of small order quantities and custom sized boxes...
End User
End Users
Discover how quick and easy it is to make your own boxes in-house and give an instant boost to your profits...
product videos
Product Videos
View the full range of Kolbus AutoBox market leading box making and gluing machines in action 
The most advanced specialist short and medium run box making machine available today. Engineered to be quick, efficient and reliable...
The quick set, high speed multipoint gluer with the power to finish 100’s of straight line and crash lock box styles simply, quickly and hassle free...
This versatile, easy to use and highly compact machine brings you super efficient, in-house box making on your terms and at the push of a button...
Corporate video
Hear Barry Tabor talking about the incredible versatility of KOLBUS AutoBox machines, and just how simple boxmaking can be
Short-Run Box Machines

For Box Plants and Distributors

Short run boxmaking machines work alongside medium and long run machinery. They provide ultimate control over custom boxes, creating unique sizes and shapes for your customers while taking the load off high speed converting machines. With the ever growing eCommerce industry, demands on packaging are changing significantly. More businesses are delivering a range of different sized items and in small amounts. This requires boxes of different sizes in short-runs. A boxmaking machine, such as the Autobox or Boxer, allows you to meet these demands. The long-run machine isn’t interrupted with reprogramming, and process is kept constant and working at the highest efficiency.

For End Users

Boxmaking machines are often associated with large commercial companies that deal with thousands of orders everyday. These companies produce branded cardboard boxes in their thousands, using long-run machinery to provide the packaging they need. As a smaller business, you won’t need the same quantity of boxes as the big high-street names. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have the same level of control over your packaging processes.

KOLBUS AutoBox manufacture and supply machinery that is tailored to short to medium runs. For once, it’s not just the big names that can create high quality, product-appropriate packaging. We give smaller businesses power and control. You can create boxes for just a dozen products, according to what your customers want, and can even make a single box for those unique and bespoke orders. You maintain a professional look easily, without having to store numerous boxes for the occasions when you might need them.

Saving Money and the Environment

Having control over your packaging doesn’t just create a smooth and efficient process; it also saves your company money and reduces your environmental impact. With the ability to create custom boxes, you can make packaging that fits your products perfectly, cutting out waste and excess cardboard. It also reduces the need for package fillers, reducing cost and improving your carbon footprint.

Customers love to see a business that is environmentally aware. More and more large companies ask in feedback questionnaires if their customer considered the packaging appropriate. Your buyers are being trained to consider the way packaging impacts the environment, which means you have to think about it too. Kolbus AutoBox’s boxmaking machines makes this simple and easy. Select the size that suits your product and have a custom box in seconds. It’s a no hassle, money-saving and environmentally effective solution.
The Benefits Of Our Machines:

KOLBUS AutoBox boxmaking machines offer you:-
  • Reduced load on high speed, long-run machinery
  • Boxes that fit your product
  • 24/7, 365 days per year machine diagnostics with KOLBUS 3:60
  • Printing options for better packaging branding
  • Reduced costs of packaging
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Freedom from reliance on third parties
There’s no need to settle for an interrupted process flow or boxes that use excessive material. Take back control. Produce high quality, personalised and appropriate boxes that are perfectly tailored to your customers.

Contact Kolbus AutoBox today? We would love to discuss your needs and create a solution bespoke for you email our friendly enquiries team at sales@autoboxmachinery.com or call + 44 (0)1525 379359