“We have now added our 4th machine with in-line 2 colour print. This is testimony to the robust construction, reliability and excellent after sales service."
White Rose Packaging
"The new machine complements our existing short run machines including three Kolbus AutoBox machines that we have run successfully for the past 15 years"
Ashley Power, Production Manager, ASC Direct Ltd

Box Plant

The AutoBox and Mulit-Cut module can be set in seconds to produce over 100 different box styles, in sizes from a small box to large wraps/folders. Perfect for short to medium runs, Kolbus AutoBox machines free up higher speed converting equipment to concentrate on longer runs, thereby reducing the amount of productive time lost in machine setting time.

The basic AutoBox can produce 50 different box styles. Corrugated blanks from 100mm/4″ deckle to 2600mm/110″ x any length can be run.

By adding the Multi-Cut module to the line, the number of box styles increases to over 100. Your system can now produce boxes from stock board, remove glue tabs, make extra creases, cut out windows and die cut Hand Holes or cross cuts. It even offers you the potential of stamp printing and a multi out option for increased productivity. Speed is of the essence

With Kolbus AutoBox Quick Set technology, the machines automatically change from one style and size of box to another within seconds – no tools to remove and set. All the operator needs to do is tell the machine what box is required and it sets itself! Capable of running up to 1,200 boxes an hour, the  AutoBox with Multi-Cut typically runs a job in less time than it takes to set a Printer Slotter or die-cutter.

Made to measure

Because the AutoBox system is simple to expand, you can boost your efficiency and flexibility even more by adding on further modules such as:

The Flexo-Print

• High quality flexo printer

• Servo controlled for excellent accuracy and image quality
• Single and two colour print options

• Available in various sizes


• Scissor lift table & overhead feeding system

• Fully automatic

• Handles sheet of up to 2.6m x 5.0m


• Simple, effective stacking system

• Automatically separates boxes from waste

• Delivers boxes in neat piles onto pallets

• Handles sheet of up to 2.6m x 3.0m