“Our AutoBox line is already making us more money than we get from a US$2.5m Flexo!”
Great Southern Industries, USA.


Introducing the New AUTOBOX AB310

The AUTOBOX AB310 is the latest development from KOLBUS AUTOBOX, it is an exciting addition to our highly-reputable range of shortrun boxmakers. This all-in-one unit, slots, creases and slits to size in a single pass in order to make around 100 pre-programmed FEFCO box styles. The AUTOBOX AB310 is highly versatile and will convert board up to 2600 mm wide (deckle) by unlimited length (chop). With a variety of slotting knife sizes to choose from, you can really increase your offering by producing mini and jumbo boxes with an infinite combination of bespoke sizes. The machine has an approximate run speed of 400 boxes per hour (depending on style and size) and 60-second auto-set technology. This really is an ideal machine to combat your shortrun boxmaking requirements.

The AUTOBOX AB310 converts single, double and triple wall material as standard (up to 12mm). The machine is fitted with quick release slotting blades with Allen key adjustment, resulting in extra-fast change over. You also have the option of fitting a pair of auto-set male/female creasing wheels. Adding a second pair of crease wheels enables production of high-value boxes such as 0401s, drop down panels in pallet boxes and multi-depth boxes.

This all-in-one boxmaker also has 1 axis of 2 powered intelligent line cutters to remove waste on widths, glue flaps, corner-cutting on 0401 boxes, an intelligent cross cut for cutting to length and multi-out in length. The machine can also be fitted with an extra pair of line cuts if required.

You can also benefit from:

Integrates seamlessly with the DIGITAL-PRINT DP300

The AUTOBOX AB310 is supplied with a feeder stand and catcher trolley as standard

Adding an extra pair of line cuts or crease wheels gives you extra boxmaking flexibility
Revolutionise your boxmaking with the AUTOBOX AB310, contact KOLBUS AUTOBOX  today for more information


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