“Our AutoBox line is already making us more money than we get from a US$2.5m Flexo!”
Great Southern Industries, USA.


The NOZZLE-GLUER NG300 is an independent module, compatible with the AUTOBOX AB300, AUTOBOX AB310 and BOXER BX200 machines.

Once configured, it automatically sets up within 60 seconds, using the touch screen control.

Inside is a series of automatically positioning hold down wheels for board transport outside of the position of glue, with a single glue head and a glue flap crushing wheel running horizontally across the machine.


With the NOZZLE-GLUER NG300, offline gluing is a thing of the past, which means significantly improved stacking operations and more efficient and profitable shortrun workflow.
The NOZZLE-GLUER NG300 glue head uses cold PVA glue and through innovative design, can run to almost the full width of the machine in use.
The rugged, steel glue flap crusher wheel is attached to the same axis, and both functions are independently controlled by the human interface, making set up and control quick and simple.
The benefits of being able to make and glue in a single pass are many
  • Only one machine required for two processes
  • No time waisted setting up an off line gluer
  • No time lost due to manual board handling between machines and 
The benefits of glue flap crush:
  •  Crushes the lead, back or both edges to condense the combined thickness
  • Makes the box easier to pass through a finishing machine
  • No need to consider box rotation due to box “apex-ing”
  • More finished boxes on a pallet
  • Stronger pallet stability