“Our AutoBox line is already making us more money than we get from a US$2.5m Flexo!”
Great Southern Industries, USA.


A high grip friction feeder running across the width of the machine allowing for faster box making.


The Multi-Cut further improves flexibility and boosts profitability by virtually doubling the box styles it’s possible to produce on the AutoBox AB300. Now you ­can produce boxes from stock board, remove glue tabs, make extra creases and create windows.
  • Produces over 100 box styles
  • Cuts stock board to length & width
  • Fully automatic setting
  • 0401 and OPF's in one pass from stock board

Die Cutting

Add even more box styles to the list you can offer with Multi-Cut's die cutting capacity

Multi Out Option

• Produce two or even three boxes side by side

• Reduces work handling

• Doubles or triples output

• Quick and simple set-up 



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Box Styles



The Flexo-Print module integrates either with a standalone AutoBox box making machine or with the combined AutoBox / Multi-Cut line enabling print to be easily added to medium or short run box orders.

Programmable to place print onto different box panels, the Flexo-Print is also easily adjustable across the width of a box.

• Multi axis servo control for optimum accuracy and print quality

• Kolbus AutoBox Quick Set Technology for fast set up times

• Easy configuration via the AutoBox user interface

• Easy access for clean up or to change stereo's/cliches








The Digital-Print module offers fully integrated inline single colour print. This superbly engineered addition uses a system of up to four individual, motorised self cleaning print heads to deliver all manner of print requirements. Printing is programmed via the touch screen interface as part of the box making set up for added speed and efficiency.

ZebraPrinter digital print from KOLBUS
  •  Print in several positions both along and across box
  •  Simple graphic interface
  •  Integrated inline solution
  •  280 mm print head
  •  High resolution print - 360dpi
  •  Make and print up to Jumbo sized boxes in a single pass
  •  Black, red, green and blue ink options
  •  Oil based ink


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The Digi-Lite is an entry level digital printer module compatible with the AutoBox and the BOXER. It allows for a relatively inexpensive solution for in-line digital print. Simply wheel the Digi-Lite into position at the rear of the AutoBox for instant, simple, single colour print. The Digi-Lite is fitted with a 70mm print head as standard.

Digital Printing
The printing module operates on a simple touch screen interface form artwork in put via a USB port, to give ink jet digital printing with a high resolution 180dpi. Printed boxes were previously always created using a printing plate. Digital printing speeds up the whole process and allows the quick reconfiguration to different designs. Printing is now easier than ever.

Colour Options
Chose form our range of black, red, green and blue cartridges, all using quick cure ink

Custom Printed Boxes
The addition of the Digi-Lite with the AutoBox means that you can create printed boxes in as little quantities as you like. You can even make one individual box. The advantage of the Digital printing over traditional flexographic printing is that switching design, logo or text is incredibly simple. Rather than having to reconfigure printing plates, the computer does the work for you.


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For use with the  AutoBox, large stock or cut to size blanks can be automatically fed, eliminating the need for machine operators to handle large and awkward sheets.

To increase stack height the feeder and other Autobox modules can be mounted on a platform or the Feeder can be placed in an underground pit.
• Automatic feeding of large blanks

• Automatic feeding of stock blanks

• Vacuum pick up of top sheet

• Automatic rise of scissor lift

• Squaring device

• 2.6m/102" max sheet width

• Optional max lengths



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For use with the AutoBox or Multi-Cut, box blanks of any size can be automatically stacked onto pallets for easy removal for finishing.

To increase stack height the stackers and other AutoBox modules can be mounted on a platform or placed in an underground pit.

• Automatic stacking of most box styles

• Vacuum pick up

• Automatic rise and lower of scissor lift

• Scrap removal


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The AutoBox is, quite simply, the most advanced box making machine available today. If you’re looking for a fully customisable, user-friendly and efficient box making machine, the AutoBox is what you need. It provides both short and medium run solutions, making it perfect for small businesses to large. It provides the ultimate tools for customisation and flexibility, even allowing for switches in box style half way through a programme.

The AutoBox can:
  • Produce over 100 box styles including 0411, partitions, trays, 0201, pallet boxes and more
  • Work at speeds of up to 1,200 boxes/hour
  • Use 25% of the energy of conventional machines
  • Be fully auto-set via the interactive touch screen
  • Make blank widths from 100 mm/4" to 2,600 mm/102" x unlimited length
  • Run all type of corrugated board from single through to heavy duty double wall. Optional Heavy Duty Pack available for running Triple/Triwall Board

About the AutoBox
The AutoBox uses servo control, which allows it not just to change from one style of box to another in seconds, but to do so automatically. You have the highest levels of control and are able to programme the machine to work exactly how you need it. You get the boxes you need, when you want them, and with minimal effort. Your processes are made as smooth and as uninterrupted as possible.

This programming may sound like a complicated procedure, but all of Kolbus AutoBox’s box making machines are designed with the user in mind. We create them to be intuitive, requiring little or no training to operate. They are learnable in minutes. It takes just sixty seconds to set up the machine and even less to create your perfect box. We always want our customers to be as satisfied as possible: creating custom boxes is simple, and so is using the servo control.

All the machine’s tools are controlled through the simple touch screen, making using the AutoBox easy. The tools set themselves automatically, so whether you need to produce small cardboard boxes, large wraps or uniquely shaped packaging, the AutoBox can make them all at a single touch of a button.

Additional Modules

To get the full potential of your AutoBox, there are also a range of additional modules available. These are specifically engineered to add increased efficiency and build in even greater versatility into your packaging and corrugated boxes. With greater customisation options, you can create boxes that suit every niche need and detail.

The Multi-Cut module allows for such custom options as additional box styles, double box cutting (two different styles in multiple length). We have 3 printing modules, the Flexo-Print, Digi-Lite and the Digital-Print. For auto-feeding of larger cardboard, we offer the Auto-Feed module and for stacking we offer you the Auto-Stack.

Read the brochure (below) or explore our website pages for more details about all the additional modules. We have also included a comprehensive video of the working AutoBox so you can see for yourself this powerful and efficient machine in action.

If you have any questions or want further information, just get in touch with our box making machine experts. We would love to discuss your needs. You can call: +44 (0) 1525 379359 or email sales@autoboxmachinery.com


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Box Styles