I have worked in sheet plants for over 30 years and bought a lot of machines. I am amazed with the quality of boxes our new AUTOBOX makes. The registration is excellent especially when producing jumbo boxes with high board grades. We also think the flexo print is extremely good quality.
Macfarlane Group


The MULTI-CUT MC300 further improves flexibility and boosts profitability by virtually doubling the box styles it’s possible to produce on the AUTOBOX AB300. Now you ­can produce boxes from stock board, remove glue tabs, make extra creases and create windows.
  • Produces over 100 box styles
  • Cuts stock board to length & width
  • Fully automatic setting
  • 0401 and OPF's in one pass from stock board

Die Cutting

Add even more box styles to the list you can offer with the MUTLTI-CUT MC300's die cutting capacity





Box Styles