“We have now added our 4th machine with in-line 2 colour print. This is testimony to the robust construction, reliability and excellent after sales service."
White Rose Packaging
"The new machine complements our existing short run machines including three Kolbus AutoBox machines that we have run successfully for the past 15 years"
Ashley Power, Production Manager, ASC Direct Ltd


A high grip friction feeder running across the width of the machine allowing for faster box making.


The Boxer is our newest design, proving popular amongst companies who offer a selection of products in various shapes sizes with shipping quantities constantly changing. We have designed this machine to concentrate on short run box making so users can make boxes on demand, to increase your turnaround time on orders.

  • Save up to 30% on your current box costs.
  • No prior box making knowledge needed.
  • Create over 100 different box styles.
  • No minimum production quantity.
  • Reduce warehouse space.
  • Reduce shipping costs.

Increase Profits:

By investing in box making machine like the Boxer, you will typically see a good return on investment within 18-24 months as is the case with valued customers, Contract Candles and PCT Automotive, who have seen savings of 30% on average. These savings have been reached by reducing the necessary warehouse space used to store variations of cardboard boxes and instead replacing them with a compact machine capable of making boxes on demand, eliminating the warehouse costs. On demand boxes are also cheaper to ship than standard size boxes as many couriers calculate delivery prices based on volumetric weight, so a smaller more suitably sized box is cheaper to ship. If you run your delivery service in house, your business will also save money as a greater number of compactly made boxes can fit into a delivery van so that you can deliver more parcels per journey.

Make Boxes on Demand:
Users need no prior box making knowledge to operate the AutoBox Boxer module as it is a simple yet effective machine. To use, just load the blank sheets into the AutoBox Boxer, input your required box style and size into the touchscreen interface or even remotely from your PC or mobile and watch as your custom box is created instantly. To create over 100 different styles of boxes in a variety of sizes, you only need to stock a few basic corrugated sheet sizes which we will help you to source to get the best deal. For example, Numatic International only stock four variations of corrugated sheets to create a multitude of box shapes and sizes to suit their customer requirements. The nature of short run box making enables the Boxer to create as little as one box at a time for a specific order or produce larger quantities if required.

Compatible Modules:

The Boxer’s capabilities can be boosted even further with additional Boxer modules to make your box making production seamlessly effective.
Utilize our Digital-Print module to print high resolution wording and images with the 180 dpi two color inkjet printer. The Digital-Print module is perfect for logos, branding, instructions and even barcodes which has benefitted SMP Group PLC who no longer need to add additional labels to their boxes, saving them additional time and costs. The print heads can be automatically configured and positioned, enabling your boxes to have printed graphics in several positions.
Blank corrugated sheets can be auto fed into the Boxer by adding the Table-Feed module, to eliminate the requirement of manual feeding. The Table-Feed module uses a high grip function and vacuum pick up to automatically feed the corrugated sheets into the machine with a maximum width of 102” x unlimited lengths.
Adding the Pro-Gluer module allows boxes to be glued and taped up to 30m per minute as they pass through the AutoBox Boxer, increasing the strength of your boxes.
Save up to 50% on hot gluing methods by adding the Pro-Melt module to ensure maximum adhesion strength for boxes that require an extra level of sturdiness.
Extra module benefits:
  • Print high resolution imagery and wording with single or two-color options.
  • Save time and costs of adding additional labels to completed boxes.
  • Print imagery and wording on multiple box panels.
  • Fast automated feeding of blank sheets.
  • Automatic stacking of finished boxes onto pallets.
  • Finish boxes with glue as they pass through to increase strength.
  • Ensure maximum adhesion strength with hot glue.


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