"Our Autobox Boxmaker has only cost us only €400 in spare parts since 2013, despite three years of intense daily use. It has been highly satisfactory"
​Guillaume Dupin, P.D.G.
“Our AutoBox line already is making us more money than we get from a US$2.5m Flexo!”
Great Southern Industries, USA.


The Pro-Melt is an advantageous complement to our box making machinery, offering maximum adhesion with minimal interruption. The Pro-Melt completes jobs much faster than traditional hot glue guns and reduces costs by up to 50%. This is made possible by the glue chamber heating the granules to give a constant supply of glue, measuring a suitable amount of glue and applying across the length of the flap. This uninterrupted process reduces the time it takes to finish a box, increases both your turnaround times and profits. By using the right amount of glue each time, the Pro-Melt reduces the cost of raw materials as less product is required.
  • Reduce glue costs by up to 50%.
  • Faster than a glue gun.
  • No more glue wastage; applies the perfect amount of glue.
  • Suited to foam-in-place applications.
  • Seals flaps from 15mm to 300mm deep.
  • Seals approximately 20 flaps per minute.
Read our brochure below for a detailed overview and watch the Pro-Melt in action.