I have worked in sheet plants for over 30 years and bought a lot of machines. I am amazed with the quality of boxes our new AUTOBOX makes. The registration is excellent especially when producing jumbo boxes with high board grades. We also think the flexo print is extremely good quality.
Macfarlane Group

Westbury Packaging streamline their Short-to-medium run boxmaking

Cardboard packaging manufacturers Westbury Packaging serve clients all over the UK. They offer branded packaging for e-commerce businesses and a variety of corrugated products. A rise in demand for short to medium run, right-sized boxes was proving challenging for their existing equipment. Running smaller jobs resulted in their larger machines not running at full capacity. As specialists in efficient, flexible short-medium run boxmaking solutions, we had the ideal solution, the AutoBox AB300 line. The company recently installed a KOLBUS Autobox AB300, Flexo-Print FP300 and Multi-Cut MC300, with 200mm and 700mm slotting knives for a more refined machine.

Westbury Packaging Managing director, Ben Tupman and head of operations, Alan Jane joint us for a demonstration at KOLBUS House. Upon seeing the machines in action running jobs from 0201’s to large tray/lids, and Maltese cross 0401 designs the duo were clearly impressed. Westbury packaging are now benefitting from set-up times of one to two minutes and an extra five to ten minutes set time for printed boxes. They now possess the flexibility to print up to 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm on selected panels or all panels if they want to!

Click here to see how easy it is to set-up the printer > Flexo-Print FP300 2 colour printing modules - YouTube

A typical job at Westbury packaging is a printed 0201 with die-cut hand holes and a 4,000 mm Chop x 2,200mm Deckle. A high value product that would typically take a minimum of 2 or 3 processes to create. Our customer can now produce this box without tooling, and in one single pass in less than 60 seconds. Not only can they produce larger multifaceted boxes, the same machine can make tiny 0409’s with 700 mm x 400 mm internal dimensions.
An example of the effects with the Multi-Cut MC300, extra creasing, hand-holes and small boxes.

Westbury Packaging’s Alan Jane said: “Purchasing the KOLBUS AutoBox line has enabled us to move several processes in to one, saving hours of set time each day and hundreds of pounds worth of tooling. The KOLBUS AutoBox AB300 makes high value, notoriously difficult jobs, much easier and faster to run”. 

“Since installation, we have run a huge range of products through the machine, it hit the ground running. We are getting even more out of it than we thought we would. The print unit in particular has been extremely useful for us, we feel as though it has always been there!”
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