I have worked in sheet plants for over 30 years and bought a lot of machines. I am amazed with the quality of boxes our new AUTOBOX makes. The registration is excellent especially when producing jumbo boxes with high board grades. We also think the flexo print is extremely good quality.
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Third AutoBox machine investment for Advantage Corrugated and Packaging

With more than a decade in business, Advantage Corrugated & Packaging, a Hopkins, MN manufacturer and distributor of boxes, is continuing its expansion with a third machine from Kolbus America in three years — an AutoBox AB300. Advantage Corrugated supplies customers who need cost effective, short and medium run manufacturing for their specially sized corrugated shipping containers, industrial packaging, and point-of-sale.
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Dave Poboisk, president Advantage Corrugated, said: “We offer a wide array of capabilities and solutions to our customers who require cardboard corrugated packaging. Our team manufactures everything from small boxes to extra-large boxes, many of which do not fit the capabilities of our competition. The new Kolbus Autobox machine has the ability to run as large a corrugated sheet as our raw material manufacturer can produce.”

The new Kolbus AutoBox AB300 provides Advantage with the flexibility and versatility to produce more than 100 different box styles from one panel folders to extra-large containers. It is the only machine on the market that can be set up in less than a minute, from one job to the next. Operators appreciate its user-friendliness with its capability to automatically change box styles and sizes with a touch screen and with no tooling necessary.

This Autobox AB300 joins a BOXER and Pro-Gluer, both installed in 2017. Whilst Advantage Corrugated have been steadily expanding since opening in 2009 the current pandemic and the growth of e-commerce has boosted box production.

Poboisk stressed the importance of buying a machine directly from the manufacturer: “Machines, parts, and service cost less than if purchased from a dealer or reseller. In addition, the sales and service departments are composed of factory-trained teams with lots of product knowledge. Also, response time for parts and service is quicker when dealing with the factory”.

Art Crawley, Kolbus America sales manager, said: “We are pleased with our partnership with Advantage Corrugated. Advantage’s success is our success.”