"Our Autobox Boxmaker has only cost us only €400 in spare parts since 2013, despite three years of intense daily use. It has been highly satisfactory"
​Guillaume Dupin, P.D.G.
"Over the last 35 years I have been heavily involved with most aspects of our manufacturing and I can honestly say the AutoBox is probably, for what it does, the best machine I have ever worked with"
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KOLBUS AutoBox machines giving a healthy boost in the Asia Pacific market

Reprinted from Australia’s “SPRINTER” magazine

With British box maker manufacturer BCS Corrugated now under the ownership of German giant Kolbus Group, Asia Pacific general manager Neil Southerington says he’s ready to showcase the high-volume multi-colour flexo printer slotter that allows boxes to be printed on the outside and the inside. For Southerington the most exciting product he is looking to find homes for is Kolbus’ flexo printer slotter, which cuts, folds and prints boxes on the outside and inside.  The press is made in the US by a company purchased by Kolbus some years ago. The full Kolbus range of luxury packaging and corrugated box makers will be on show at DRUPA 2020.

Graffica’s biggest range is still the fully Automatic Autobox and Boxer machines, and now the Carton Board and Corrugated Digital Printer from Portuguese manufacturer MTEX called New Solution. He says box making and printing is the only consistent growth industry in Australian print. “It is the only growth area in the printing industry, that and display, they are the only two areas that are growing and consistently,” he said.

​Click here to view the KOLBUS AutoBox with Barry Tabor

Company Contact Details:
Neil Southerington
Graffica Pty Ltd/Kolbus Autobox Ltd
Mobile: 0477 200 854