"Our Autobox Boxmaker has only cost us only €400 in spare parts since 2013, despite three years of intense daily use. It has been highly satisfactory"
​Guillaume Dupin, P.D.G.

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Whilst KOLBUS is a new name in corrugated converting machinery, it’s AutoBox and Hycorr divisions can be considered as legacy manufacturers. 

The KOLBUS Corrugated Technology Division encompasses an impressive range of machinery to suit Box Plants large and small, covering high volume and short run options.

KOLBUS AutoBox has for over 40 years been the leading manufacturer of “Quick Set” short to medium run corrugated box making equipment. AutoBox offers rapid set make ready and flexibility to produce nearly any size or style of box. From small RSC’s, thru OPF’s, trays, to Jumbo Boxes can all be made and printed in one pass. AutoBox machines can replace more manual equipment or free up high volume machines. Many box styles such as OPF’s can be produced without the need for die tools.

Modular in construction, machines can be equipped with 1 or 2 color Flexo or single-color Inkjet print options. Automatic Feeders and Stackers can also be specified.

All servo-control is used to achieve a “Quick Set” tool less make ready with touch-activated operator screens where data is easily entered and stored. With the possibility to remotely program jobs, AutoBox has set the standard in the industry with the fastest make ready times with unskilled machine operators. 

Corrugated board of different grades from single thru double wall can be run. With the HD option, triple wall board can also be run. Blank widths can be made from 4" to 102" x unlimited length result in the machines offering unrivalled versatility.

A range of offline “Quick Set” gluing machine options include the Multi Nova, an easy to use 3-point folder gluer with typical 5 to 15 make ready. The Pro Gluer is a simple to use gluer for RSC’S. 

KOLBUS Hycorr is the leading domestic manufacturer of rotary die-cutting machinery that continues to deliver rugged construction and industry leading print quality. 

The Hycorr “Hy Graphic Series” is a winning combination of state-of-the-art innovation. This rotary die cutter is equipped with a servo drive feed section with option of servo or gear drive on the print and diecut sections. Servo technology provides optimum registration for printing and die cutting accuracy. The Hycorr “Hy Graphic Series” utilizes a vacuum transfer system for greater sheet control to ensure superior print tolerances, less waste and less production slowdowns. Emphasis is placed upon minimizing make ready and ink wash-up times. Intuitive Operator Interface helps to de-skill machine setting. Print options include both bottom and top print - a Hycorr innovation pioneered 20 years ago.

The Hycorr “Corr Graphic Series” is designed for applications requiring less print precision for applications such as Pizza boxes. Typically specified for 1 or 2 color use, 

pull collar technology is used for print transfer which delivers dependability, sheet after sheet, edge to edge. It offers a competitively priced alternative yet retains Hycorr’s renowned rugged construction.

Both AutoBox and Hycorr equipment is backed by the KOLBUS America Customer Service and Support Program and provides 24/7/365 parts and phone service support at no additional charge. 

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