"Over the last 35 years I have been heavily involved with most aspects of our manufacturing and I can honestly say the AutoBox is probably, for what it does, the best machine I have ever worked with"
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Box Plant

Our specialized machinery is perfect for box making companies as the integrating products work seamlessly together to bring you the most efficient box making system possible. Choose to upgrade your AutoBox in order to extend your box making efficiency with compatible additions:

AutoBox & Auto-Feed

The Auto-Feed module increases production efficiency by creating a fully automatic cardboard feeding system. The blank sheets are picked up by a vacuum, automatically feeding them into the machine which eliminates the requirement for manual operators. Manual feeding can also be difficult when extra-large sheets are needed, but the Auto-Feed module can handle sheets up to 102” x 196”.
AutoBox & Flexo-Print

Adding the Flexo-Print to your AutoBox machine is ideal for printing logos, branding and instructions onto boxes. With single or two color print options available, the module can be pre-programmed to print onto different box panels and is able to be adjusted across the box width. The Flexo-Print printer is highly accurate, producing fantastic quality images from a servo controller with multi axis control.
AutoBox & Multi-Cut

Minimizing turnaround time for your customer orders, our machines boast quick set up times to suit your demand. The AutoBox and Multi-Cut can both be easily set up in seconds and operate on a long run basis, limiting the amount of time lost accounted to setting up. While the AutoBox can produce 50 different box styles, this number doubles when adding the Multi-Cut. When used as a combined module, boxes can be produced from stock board, additional creases can be made, window spaces be cut out as well as die cut hand holes or cross cuts. The AutoBOX AB uses advanced Quick Set Technology, allowing the machine to change styles and sizes automatically without manual input or removal. Running an impressive 1200 boxes per hour, the AutoBox and Multi-Cut pairing can take less time to run a job than a printer-slotter or die-cutter takes to set up.
AutoBox & Auto-Stack

The Auto-Stack module can be used in conjunction with either the AutoBox or Multi-Cut to aid production efficiency, capable of handling blank sheet sizes of up to 102” x 118”. The Auto-Stack is easy to set up in order for it to automatically separate the boxes from the waste materials. This useful system also positions your finished boxes in neat and tidy piles onto pallets as an effective storage method.
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