"Over the last 35 years I have been heavily involved with most aspects of our manufacturing and I can honestly say the AutoBox is probably, for what it does, the best machine I have ever worked with"
WER Packing Supplies
Our Kolbus AutoBox systems are especially beneficial to ecommerce companies and other box distributors as our specialist machinery allows you to create bespoke styles and custom size boxes conveniently.

Companies specializing in Point of Purchase or Point of Sale face the continual challenge of not knowing from week to week, what their cardboard box size requirements will be as varied orders are placed. To increase flexibility with packaging options, companies have been forced to stock a wide variety of box styles and sizes which subsequently requires additional warehousing space, cutting into profits.
Hundreds of box distributors have turned to Kolbus AutoBox for an inhouse, on demand corrugated box making solution to enable them to offer their customers a faster turnaround time. The entire corrugated box making process requires minimal warehouse space with the Kolbus AutoBox systems and typically can be run by just one or two operators, either manually or remotely.
The key benefits of using a Kolbus AutoBox machine:
  • Produce the right size cardboard box for any order.
  • Increase turnaround by making boxes on demand.
  • Reduce delivery costs for prices calculated on volumetric weight.
  • Increase valuable warehousing space by eliminating mass box storage.
  • Print logos or instructions onto boxes with single and two-colour digital printing.
  • Offer excellent customer service with fast delivery of small order quantities.

At Kolbus AutoBox, we pride ourselves on the fantastic customer relationships we have developed and maintained. We do this by liaising with you to really understand your business’ requirements, recommending the most suitable system every time. Once we have agreed which machine(s) best suit your needs, we work closely with you to train your staff to properly run the machinery as well as costing out the boxes. When everything is set up and you are happy with your new efficient box making system, we will continue to work with you, maintaining and servicing the machines, ensuring they are always running perfectly. We will also help you to source the best deal for corrugated cardboard sheets, to fully maximize your profits.