“We have now added our 4th machine with in-line 2 colour print. This is testimony to the robust construction, reliability and excellent after sales service."
White Rose Packaging
"Over the last 35 years I have been heavily involved with most aspects of our manufacturing and I can honestly say the AutoBox is probably, for what it does, the best machine I have ever worked with"
WER Packing Supplies
“Our AutoBox line is already making us more money than we get from a US$2.5m Flexo!”
Great Southern Industries, USA.

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In-Line, Flexo-Printing AutoBOX Module
Date of Manufacture: August 2016

Principal features and functions

• Offer high quality text, graphics and handling instructions
• Minimal set-up time
• Servo controlled anilox and print roller
• Accurate register of print position
• Top impression roller
• Easy change doctor blade
• Pump for quick wash up
• 2 Colour option

Technical Specifications

Max length: 990mm
Max width: 815mm
Min distance between prints: 300mm

Pre-owned BCS machines

All machines brought into the factory for second user purposes are thoroughly serviced, and
parts repaired/replaced where necessary, so as to enable BCS Ltd. to commission the
machine as industry ready and to offer a warranty.

We supply only on the basis of our Terms and Conditions at the date of our acceptance of your order

Flexo-PRINT print samples