"The AutoBOX has the perfect balance of performance and function. It gives us versatility and speed..."
Daniel Zamorano Somoza, Flexo Print SRL


For use with the AUTOBOX AB300, our FLEXO-PRINT FP300 module offers inline flexographic printing. Beacuse the system is entirely modular, it is also possible to add a second FLEXO-PRINT FP300 modules for two colour printing.

Programmable to place print onto different box panels, the FLEXO-PRINT FP300 is also easily adjustable across the width of a box allowing you to print high quality text, graphics and handling instructions
  • Multi axis servo control for optimum accuracy and print quality
  • Kolbus AutoBox Quick Set Technology for fast set up times
  • Easy configuration via the user interface
  • Easy access for clean up or to change stereo's/cliches
  • Minimal set-up time 
  • Servo controlled anilox and print roller 
  • Top impression roller 
  • Accurate register of print position 
  • Quick change doctor blade 
  • Pump for quick wash up 
  • 2 Colour option