“Our AutoBox line is already making us more money than we get from a US$2.5m Flexo!”
Great Southern Industries, USA.


A high grip friction feeder running across the width of the machine allowing for faster box making.


Change the way you deliver forever
The Boxer grants you control over your box making process. No more outsourcing, no more oversized boxes, no more fuss. The Boxer allows you to make short-run custom boxes at the click of a touchscreen button. The settings are responsive and flexible, autoset to provide the easiest usability. The machine is set up in one minute and learnt in less. It’s a minimal fuss solution that allows you to create boxes in custom sizes and in over 100 different styles. Whether you’re a small or medium company, the  Boxer gives you control.

  • Produces boxes on demand -- no need for training or prior knowledge
  • 100 box styles from pallets boxes to wraps, and in almost any size
  • Reduces the amount of stock boxes you need to hold, freeing valuable space
  • Dual colour digital print available
  • No minimum order -- ultimate flexibility
  • You can offer bespoke design service to customers, shipping new or trial products
  • Ensures your fair share of profit from e-commerce and other highly lucrative sectors of the corrugated market
  • Reduces stock: you only need a handful of basic sizes and grades of corrugated cardboard
  • State-of-the-art technology that is ultra-compact
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Powered entirely by three phase electric supply
  • Supplied on wheels, easy to install exactly where you want it

Box Making Modules

The Boxer grants you high levels of flexibility and customisation as standard, but with extra modules, the machine’s capabilities can be boosted even further. Kolbus AutoBox provide a range of additional services. These include increased printing and design options, such as multiple printing positions, auto-feeding of corrugated materials, and gluing features.

See below for more details on some of the additional modules available. If you would like more information, get in touch with one of our box making machine experts.

Digital Printer

A digital printer module allows you to take your specialist box making capabilities to a new level. It is a high resolution, 360 dpi, two-colour inkjet print module. It widens your box making options to include custom branding and design and thus ensures the highest levels of professionalism. It’s exciting to receive a package, but when it comes with printed branding, your customer will receive your product with even more anticipation, itching to peel off the tape and see your product.

Printed and designed packaging also increases brand awareness. Many people keep hold of cardboard boxes as they can be useful around the house. This means that your brand is seen by a customer not just when the box arrives, but for a long period of time. It increases the likelihood of return custom, or even custom from their friends that see your box, the postman or anyone in the delivery process!

It includes:
• Various auto positioning print head sizes and configurations
• The ability to print in several positions, both along and across box
• A simple graphic interface that is easy to use

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