"The new machine complements our existing short run machines including three Kolbus AutoBox machines that we have run successfully for the past 15 years"
Ashley Power, Production Manager, ASC Direct Ltd

World’s First Corrugated Box Maker with Inline Digital Printing

UK based manufacturers of Quick Set corrugated box making systems, British Converting Solutions Ltd (BCS) announce the launch of a unique box making system incorporating inline digital printing. Offering 1 or 2 colour printing, the new system is aimed at the short to medium run corrugated box making sector. 

Without the need for stereo’s/clichés, Inline Digital Print mirrors the Quick Set features of the BCS-Autobox box making machines, enabling print to be added to any short or medium run order without impacting up on machine setting times. The new machine is the culmination of an extensive R&D programme by BCS-Autobox Design Engineers to overcome the challenges of digital bottom up printing in a potentially dusty environment and with the capability of handling board grades from E Flute to Triple Wall.

A range of different print head sizes and combinations is offered enabling Logo’s, Handling Instructions, Stock Codes and Box Maker Certificates etc.  to be easily added to a wide variety of box styles and sizes. Print images are uploaded in digital format and can be stored on the machine for future use. 

The print heads automatically position themselves across the sheet and incorporate an automatic cleaning system which sees the print heads after a predetermined number of cycles, park themselves under the cleaning station where they are automatically wiped clean with a special tissue substrate.

Inline Digital Print is offered on all BCS-Autobox systems and has already resulted in orders for 5 systems. Both Box Plants and End Users are expressing interest in the new technology seeing it as a viable alternative to conventional flexo print systems.

Using oil based inks, print costs are comparable to those of flexo. Ink is readily available in a variety of different colours.

For Box Plants looking to the growing short run sector driven by the growth of e-commerce and online ordering of boxes, Inline digital print enables adding value to plain boxes without the setup costs associated with flexo print.

Comments Simon Needham, BCS Sales Director:

"There will continue to be a place for flexo print within our market sector. Inline Digital print is not set to completely replace this technology. We see it as being complimentary. One Customer has just ordered a BCS-Autobox system incorporating both flexo and digital print sections. The intention is that flexo will be used for larger body logos with digital for Box Maker Certificates and stock codes printed on the box flaps. We are continuing to explore the possibilities of Inline digital print. It most certainly is the way that the box business is heading so we felt important that we offered our traditional short and medium run sector the same technology.”