"Over the last 35 years I have been heavily involved with most aspects of our manufacturing and I can honestly say the AutoBox is probably, for what it does, the best machine I have ever worked with"
WER Packing Supplies

​BoxWay Packaging Group invest in a Kolbus Autobox MULTI-NOVA MN400 Gluer

BoxWay Packaging Group's Peterlee plant needed a corrugated box gluing machine that would enable them to produce high value, bespoke, short to medium run work. This was to service both existing customers, particularly local to their area, and to target new clients   requiring a fast, reliable service. There was a need for something quick to set, versatile and productive. 

With factories in Telford and Exeter as well as Peterlee the BoxWay Packaging Group could cater for this work across their sites but installing the box gluer reduced the impact on other sites whilst reducing transport costs and time. 

Managers from BoxWay visited Kolbus House in Houghton Regis for an in-house demonstration of Autobox machinery. They took a range of work with them including three-point double wall, two-point trays, and single wall die cut work. These jobs were set up in real time and shown running. Boxway were impressed and placed an order for a MULTI-NOVA MN400

With a typical run speed of 1,500 boxes per hour the MULTI-NOVA MN400 is an ideal gluing machine for batches of 500 to 5,000. Set up times are five minutes for straight-line and 20 minutes for crash-lock. The ergonomic design features a continuous bottom feeder with the compression section underneath. This reduces the footprint as well as allowing boxes to travel under the machine so that the same operator can feed and palletise.

All Autobox machines are manufactured in the UK, so delivery time was short. The new MULTI-NOVA MN400 was installed in one day with live product running on day two. Eugene Ward, Kolbus UK’s Multi-point specialist, undertook the commissioning and operator training. He said: “The wide range of jobs they had in place were perfect to show off the capabilities of the machine.”

Mark Barron, General Manager of BoxWay at Peterlee, said: “Once our operators gained a satisfactory level of confidence, we started to push the boundaries of the MULTI-NOVA. We looked around for work we were currently hand gluing or was causing us problems elsewhere and were pleasantly surprised at the results. Most jobs went through perfectly well, saving us time and resource.”

Andrew Woollard, CEO of BoxWay, Peterlee, said: “We are extremely happy with the service from Kolbus UK. They arranged a demonstration quickly, communicated through the build process and now post sales are undertaking additional training both here and at other sites.”

Arran Sethi, Kolbus UK Sales Manager, said: “There is nothing better than to install a machine and have the customer discover that they can get so much more productivity than they expected. It’s a testament to our experienced engineers who know our product so well.”