I have worked in sheet plants for over 30 years and bought a lot of machines. I am amazed with the quality of boxes our new AUTOBOX makes. The registration is excellent especially when producing jumbo boxes with high board grades. We also think the flexo print is extremely good quality.
Macfarlane Group

Boxing - taken to a whole new level!

UK manufacturer of quick-set box making machines, BCS has recently installed a machinery line at its highest ever location – 4,000 metres above sea level, in La Paz, Bolivia.

Artes Graficas Sagitario SRL, is one of the largest printing companies in Bolivia. The family run business prides itself on the quality of print offered and continually looks for ways to improve the service they offer to customers.

As well as running offset printers the company has also diversified into digital print and label printing. One area that they identified to improve is the quality of efficiency of packing the printed material prior to shipping. Each day’s production is different from the last so having the correct size box on hand was always an issue. Being the last operation in production and often being packed by hand proved costly and labour intensive, with best-fit boxes and packaging having to be used.

The acquisition of a complete BCS AutoBOX line (including FlexoPRINT) and BCS MultiNOVA gluer, has allowed Sagitario to bring corrugated box production in house and control every aspect of their packaging line. With the quick-set intuitive operation, even staff with no prior experience in box production can now simply produce the required quantity of correct sized boxes. Whether packing folding cartons, posters, labels or books there is no need to buy volumes of stock boxes or pay high prices for smaller quantities. Sagitario have the right box at the right time at a moments notice.

Owner Juan Carlos says ‘it is a really good investment. I can now have corrugated boxes when and how I need them’

For further information, please contact Simon Needham on (Office) 0044 1525 379 359 or email: sn@bcscorrugated.com