"The AutoBOX has the perfect balance of performance and function. It gives us versatility and speed..."
Daniel Zamorano Somoza, Flexo Print SRL

A new Autobox Boxmaker for TMN

Based just outside Lyon, France, TMN have been designing and producing specialist custom packaging for nearly 40 years. They provide a consultative service to companies looking to ship products securely and well enough protected to ensure zero returns. They have a long list of blue-chip clients who rely on them to protect large, awkward or high value products, often destined for export markets.

TMN have just installed an AutoBox boxmaking machine at their 5,000 sq.m plant. It is equipped with single colour flexo printing, MultiCut option and feeds a powered conveyor to take boxes to a gluing or stapling machine.

The TMN installation features an AutoBox HD heavy duty boxmaker capable of handling triple wall corrugated material. The MultiCut feature literally doubles the number of box styles that can be produced and adds the vital feature of die-cutting.The flexo printing module adds single colour flexo printing, servo controlled, for excellent accuracy and image quality.

The AutoBox machine automatically changes from one style and size of box to another in just seconds. All tools are controlled through a simple touch screen and set automatically, so that production of small boxes, large wraps or more complicated boxes are achieved at the touch of a button.

Through continuous investment in R&D at AutoBox the highest standards of innovative design, engineering and build quality are achieved This latest HD AutoBox is designed to be energy efficient with an impressive potential reduction in energy consumption of up to 75%.

An example of the AutoBox machine capabilities, and the design expertise of TMN, is the packaging of large silicon solar panels for their client PhotoWatt. Heavy duty corrugated board, over 6m in length, is fed directly from the pallet by the Autofeeder. To enable easy access to the contents on delivery TMN designed it with a Velcro fastener instead of being glued or stapled.

Cyrille Frappe, TMN Managing Director, said: “We installed our first AutoBox AB line back in 2014. We have been very impressed with the performance over these five years, it has been ultra-reliable, consistently producing high quality products. Back up from AutoBox has been excellent too, they provide an excellent spare part and after sales service support for our machines. There is always a technician on hand to assist us with any queries. When we decided to expand our boxmaking capabilities, it was an easy decision to make – install another AutoBox machine!”