"Over the last 35 years I have been heavily involved with most aspects of our manufacturing and I can honestly say the AutoBox is probably, for what it does, the best machine I have ever worked with"
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HEAVY DUTY Innovation results in KOLBUS Success

KOLBUS AutoBox have launched exciting new features on its flagship AutoBox AB300 boxmaking machine. The Glue Flap Crush upgrade allows sheet plants to pre-crush both the glue flap, and leading edge of the box on larger double and triple wall boxes. This feature is avaiable on the Heavy Duty (HD) machine.

As it goes, many stitchers and gluers are unable to process the thickness and weight of these heavier boards. This new feature results in stronger, better quality boxes which stack more on a pallet. The KOLBUS AutoBox design team have carried out an extensive R&D program, driven by customer demand in heavy duty boxmaking. 

The user has full control over the Glue Flap Crush device, thanks to the use of servo technology combined with traditional pneumatic power. Users can easily and accurately adjust the length, position and amount of crush placed onto the board – all from the touch screen; thereby preserving the Autobox philosophy of being Quick-Set. The feature has proven a success with 2 machines now installed and more orders underway.

The first customer Scatolificio Nardini based in Italy ordered a machine line featuring a fully automatic board feeder (from the pallet), a Flexographic Printer, and extended outfeed tables. On larger format boxes customers need to reduce the number of processes to create the finished box. By using the AutoBox AB300 Heavy Duty (HD), Scatolificio Nardini can produce extremely large, one-piece boxes, that are printed and ready for stitching or gluing in one simple process.

Luca Puccetti, Owner, Scatolificio Nardini:  ‘I am really satisfied with the Glue Flap Crush because, when converting triple wall, I needed a reinforcement able to press the flap so to have a better quality and resistance of the finished box. The Kolbus solution perfectly complies with my requirement and matches my expectations’.

Tiziana de Gregorio, Managing Director, Kolbus Italia: we are proud of the first installation of a KOLBUS AutoBox HD machine in Italy and very happy to have become partner with Scatolificio Nardini.  The Glue Flap Crush testifies the continuous development of Kolbus Autobox machines, according to the specific requests of the market.

That’s what we call ‘KOLBUS – 'Excellence in Motion’
With the Autobox AB300 HD you can run unlimited lengths up to 2600 mm in width. In addition to our Quick-Set technology.

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