BCS - British Converting Solutions

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HMI touch screen:

Full control of machine with easy operation menu for machine settings and batch counting

Compression system:

Pneumatically controlled compression section. Fully adjustable upper and lower trombones. Pneumatic front and back squaring units

Trombone delivery section:

Compression stacker flow control system. Two in-feed compression gripper units. Spray counter unit and batch counter. Jam trip switch

Glue control unit:

3 channel 5 gun pressurised glue system. Fully integrated system - simple to operate. Production speed indicator. Batch count

Glue sections:

5 gun pressurised glue applicators - virtually self cleaning for reduced make-ready and washdown. 5 gallon pressurised glue tank. Optional second tank. Optional low level sensors and low level warning lights

Final fold section:

Rubber folder and pressure rails. Timing belt driven final fold belts. Quick release adjustment handles. Brass and nylon folding rails. Top driven closing belts at trombone entrance. Servo drive squaring system to eliminate fish tailing

Feed section:

In board machine mounted electrical control cabinet. Fully adjustable feed for length and width. Rear adjustable feed support roller. Individually adjustable feed belts. Untimed stream feed. High grip feeder belts

Two backfold sections:

Electronic backfold units with direct drive motors mounted in board of frame. 4 three finger backfold units in precision machined aluminium. HMI touch screen controlled

• Quick release and slide carriers mounted
   on linear bearings and chrome plated

• No requirements for lead screws or
   carrier drives etc

• Upper carriers with quick release pressure

• All belts easily replaceable, many without
   withdrawing shafts

• Full length safety beam guards and local
   in-running nip guards

• All parts for all styles mounted on the
   machine - no need for shadow boards