BCS - British Converting Solutions
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Feed Section:

Automatic feeder - Timed or untimed pile feed as required - Individually adjustable high grip drive belts - Adjustable feeder gates

Compression section:

Compression belt returns underneath machine, economical footprint - Variable speed

Gluing Section:

No-mess pressurised glue system - Easy set up electronic interface - Optional hot melt system

Set up Interface:

Easy control of machine - Adjust settings and batch counting

Machine Adjustments:

Easy access zone to adjust belts and guides - Quick to configure for each job

Folding Section:

Front fold, adjustable lifting hooks - nylon folding rails - Top pressure rollers - Quick release adjustment handles

• Glue side seam cases, die cuts AND 3-point
   auto-lock bottom boxes

• Equipped with pressurised, no-mess
   electronic PVA glue system

• Option to integrate hot melt system

• Easy access, quick set up

• Belt driven pile feed with timed operation

• Compression section below gluing section

• Mounted on castors - mobile

• Straight line: cardboard to BC double wall