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Production Speed:

Max speed of 1,500 boxes per hour

Box Styles:

Over 100 fefco styles possible with many already pre-programmed in the menu

Blank Size:

MAX 2600mm (deckle) x unlimited (chop) MIN 100mm (deckle) x 330mm (chop)

Typical set-up time:

Approx 1 minute - automatic / tool-less

Distance between Slotting knives:

MAX 1600mm (max height of 0201 style box) MIN 65mm - can be increased to 2400mm using shorter blades

Slotting knife thickness:

7mm (standard)

Slot length:

MAX 508mm standard


1 - 10mm. E flute to 300/300/300 AA

Power requirements:

415V 3-phase, 50/60Hz at 8 amps

• Fully auto tool less size change, typically
   1 minute set time

• High speed up to 1,500 boxes per hour

• Over 100 FEFCO box styles including 0401
   in one pass

• Cuts width and length (plus window
   cutting facility)

• Convert from single to double wall
   corrugated board (max 10mm)

• Maximum sheet width: 2600mm

• Software: simple intuitive menu driven

• Rubber faced, no crush feed rolls

• Die-cut station - max size 200mm x

• Optional Flexo printer 500 x 300 mm